Wifi connections may be a big issue when you play online & multiplayer games. This may be because your gaming consoles or PC is far from the router. Powerline adapters are helping you to have good gaming experience with extending the signals and have a stable internet connection.

I suggest you to check a few things before deciding to buy a powerline adapter.

1- Check if you have 2 bands with your WIFI. 2.4ghz and 5ghz. You can check it from the router IP address. (for instance: 192.168.1.xxx)

2- Some routers allow you to choose to connect separately to those bands and some routers assign devices randomly to those bands. 5Ghz has a better signal quality but the range is not as good as 2.4Ghz. That means if you connect with 5Ghz, you can have a better download/upload speed.

3- Before buying a powerline adapter, try connecting your game console or pc to 5Ghz band. This usually solves the issues (freezing, lag, disconnect etc.) you face in online games such as (Apex, NBA2K21 online, CoD: Warzone etc.)

4- If 5Ghz doesn’t solve the issue, it might be because of the range. Wifi signals may not reach the console. To overcome this problem, you can buy a powerline adapter to extend your signals.

There are few things you need to know before choosing a correct powerline adapter. The declared speed on the box or specification of power line adapters includes all of the data of the powerline protocol. It is not the actual speed that you will receive.Speed will vary as a result of the following three factors:
1) Environmental factors, including building materials, physical objects and obstacles.
2) Network conditions, including local interference, volume and density of traffic, network complexity, and network overhead.
3) Client limitations, including rated performance, location, connection quality, and client condition.

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